Faded pink dip dye // how now brown cow

April 17, 2017

It's been ages since my last hair dye update — the last when I was still studying Mass Comm in Ngee Ann Poly, and now I've been working full time for almost a year! I went from dip-dyed pink to brown hair for my internship with Singapore Airlines, bleached it twice for grey hair for my graduation ceremony, had it fade to an ugly copper before dyeing it blue with dip-dyed purple ends, then dyeing my entire head completely purple. Now, my purple hair has faded into dark blue. Gonna find time to take y'all through my hair journey from 2015 to 2017 from now on :)

In my last proper hair update, I dip-dyed my hair with La Riche's Carnation Pink at a friend's house. The pink was gorgeous on my already bleached hair, but it only lasted about 9 to 10 weeks before it faded into an ugly salmon orange colour.

The salmon orange colour didn't help make my already damaged hair look less damaged, so I decided to snip the ends off instead of redyeing it since I was due for an internship at that point anyway.

The ends of my hair were still blonde from my blonde hair days with Salon Vim in 2013 (yes, my hair grows at a ridiculously slow pace!) so that was pretty awesome — except that my hair was still rather damaged from all the dyeing I've done.

A few weeks later, my ex-boyfriend's mom helped me dye my hair fully brown in preparation for my internship with Singapore Airlines since SIA is a MNC after all, and I wouldn't expect them to put up with my blonde ends.

When was the last time I saw myself in formal clothes?

In the end, the blonde ends still came out to play because once you go blonde, you'll never go back *wags fingers*

I then decided to cut a few inches off my hair because I quite liked how refreshing I look in shorter hair.

The brown eventually faded to orange, which I stuck with despite hating orange just for convenience's sake. That's the end of my boring hair days while I was interning with Singapore Airlines, and my ex-colleagues were already always commenting on how brightly coloured my hair was! Imagine their shock if they witnessed my blonde days LOL.

Up next: Ash Grey, Midnight Blue x Plum, Violet hair diaries. Stay tuned!

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