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April 01, 2017

Took the train back to Kyoto Station so I could take a quick shower at Kyoto Tower Public Bathhouse ~YUU~. I was going on overnight buses two nights in a row so showering at a public bathhouse was the only choice I had (so much for careful itinerary planning). Then again, you can't say you've been to Japan if you've never visited an onsen right?

Probably one of the cheapest onsen around Japan, Kyoto Tower Public Bathhouse ~YUU~ only costed ¥750 (SGD $9.50) on weekdays and ¥890 (SGD $11) on weekends. Kyoto Tower Public Bathhouse ~YUU~ was obviously minimalistic with this price, with only cubicles for you to sit down and shower and a hot bath tub. But that was enough for me to refresh myself.

After making payment at a machine, I was given two towels (the rental of the towels costed ¥750 (SGD $1.25) — I made the mistake of not bringing in my towel even though I had it in my luggage) — then I was directed to a rest area to remove my shoes. You can actually proceed straight to the onsen, seperated by gender, but the miscomunication due to the different languages led me to stupidly sit at the waiting area for quite some time before I figured I can head straight in.

Even though I knew what an onsen is and prepared myself for it, I still had a culture shock there when I saw everyone removing their clothes freely once they stepped in. Kyoto Tower Public Bathhouse ~YUU~ provided body soap, shampoo and even conditioner, but because the place caters largely to locals, everything was labelled in Japanese. I had problems telling one toiletry from the other, and figured it was too awkward to ask anyone naked, so I just tried my luck. To this day, I have no idea if I used the correct product HAHA. Ignorance is always bliss.

Got a few weird stares in Kyoto Tower Public Bathhouse ~YUU~ and after a while, I figured it's because I looked like I have make up on in the onsen due to my naturally thick brows and lip tint. Ooops. 

Kyoto Tower Public Bathhouse ~YUU~

Japan, 〒600-8216 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, 烏丸通七条下ル 東塩小路町 721-1 Kyoto Tower

Nearest Subway Station
Kyoto Station

Opening Hours
7am to 10pm daily

Admission Fee
Weekdays: ¥750 (SGD $9.50)
Weekends:¥890 (SGD $11)

While walking around The Cube Shopping Mall, I walked into Vie De France, a French bakery chain headquatered in Tokyo, to grab some pastry in case I get hungry on the overnight bus journey to Hiroshima.

Can I just say that Vie De France has the BEST CHEESE TART I'VE EVER TASTED?! The cheese literally melted in my mouse and the crust was firm and delectable. Oh, what would I do for another cheesetart right now.

The custard tart from Vie De France was good as well but the cheesetart was just too amazing and overshadowered the custard tart.

Vie De France

The CUBE, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8216, Japan

Opening Hours
Opens daily from 7:30am to 9pm 

Hello, Kyoto Tower :) Decided to not go up Kyoto Tower even though it was a touristy thing to do because I just went up Taipei 101 and I supposed most cities look the same up high anyway.

Changed into a fresh new set of clothes and started walking to Kyoto Station G2 Platform, where I was supposed to find my Willer Express overnight bus. Thank god I allocated more than an hour because I couldn't find the meeting place, Kyoto station G2 platform, initially. I learnt from lesson that it's better spend an hour waiting than risk missing my bus!

Kyoto station G2 platform is actually rather huge. I got lost because there were a few meeting places. Thankfully, I printed my address in Japanese and showed it to one of the bus ushers who successfully lead me to my platform with a series of hand gestures. He watched me leave and shouted after me to lead me even after I crossed the road :')

To get to the meeting place where Willer Express overnight bus will stop, cross the road from Kyoto Station, turn left, then walk towards where there's a huge Pachinko Machine arcade. You will see a queue forming at a bus stop nearby, and an assistant will call out the names of the buses arriving periodically.

Goodbye Kyoto, and hello Hiroshima :)


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  1. May I know is the locker provide by bathhouse Yuu can fit 24 inc luggage?

  2. Hello there! I don't think so, but Yuu is very near Kyoto Station, where you can easily find lockers that will fit your luggage :)