December 30, 2014

Every year I become older, and hopefully become a little wiser.

I turned legal in 2014 and it's almost as if this was a reason for people to start stepping all over me and pushing me when I'm down. Last year has been relatively blissful for me but this year has been the complete opposite.

I learnt so much more about humans this year than I ever did in my life. So many people opened my eyes and disappointed me in the process. The people I thought I knew turned into complete strangers, the people I held close to my heart didn't feel the same, the people I thought would stay in my life left.

I've always been an emotional girl, more so this year. So many times I found myself crying and not letting anyone know. So many times I've asked myself, who would cry or miss me if something bad happens to me. I don't wish for 2015 to be a good year anymore, I just wish that I can get through this alive.

Nonetheless, 2014 has been a wild but amazing ride. Despite the bad decisions I made and the bad things that happened, I never regretted anything I did. The only regret I have is not doing the things I could have done when I had the chance.

I know that in the end these bad decisions will only make good stories and hopefully one day I'll look back and laugh. I rather make stupid decisions than regret the chances I didn't take in years to come. I rather regret my decisions because of the consequences than regret never trying when I had the chance to.

Therefore, in 2015, I'm gonna take chances, be braver and live for myself. May I never have to regret the chances I didn't take, the love I didn't let in and the gifts I never gave.

Happy (advance) new year, y'all.

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  1. Reading this post makes me think of in 2015 I should step forward and say Hi to a girl I have a crush on..if not I shall regret?

    1. you probably should ;) after all, if she rejects you, you can at least say that you've tried :-) good luck!!!