Online and offline

December 11, 2014

One thing about putting myself out here online is that people feel like they have the right to insult me and that I should accept those insults gracefully. They tell me I deserve it because I chose this.

Imagine yourself walking on the streets one day. Then people start hauling insults at you.


When you confront them, their reason is that you came out of your house, you put yourself out there in the shopping centre. Therefore, you should be able to handle insults being thrown to you at the shopping centre.

Or you crossing the road one day and a car runs over you. The driver gets away scot-free because you deserved it. You put yourself out on the road when you could have stayed at home. If you didn't cross the road, nothing would have happened.

Sounds unreasonable? Exactly.

You are human and you have feelings, so what makes you think I'm special? Just because I put myself out there, just because I'm open with my life online? Why is insulting someone online and offline different? Just because you're hiding behind a computer screen?

Or because you can use a moniker and nobody knows your identity? Just because you are anonymous doesn't mean you don't have to be responsible for your words. You have to face the consequences of your words too. What if your words drive someone to suicide? You think you'll feel good about that? You think you can live with that for life?
I write a lot about what I think, and people use my insecurities against me. Does insulting me make you feel better? Because if it does, you must be a real insecure person yourself. You must be a real horrible person to want to inflict any kind of hurt on someone who already hates herself enough. But you know what, that's not gonna stop me from doing what I love. I write to feel better, and if these people want me to feel worse about myself, ALL THE MORE I'M GONNA FEEL BETTER.

I'm gonna feel so good that you can't find joy in my woes. I'm going to be fine with who I am. I'm going to be okay even if you try everything to bring me down. I hope you remember that if you are trying to bring me down, it only means that I am above you. And I will never stoop to your level.

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  1. You write your true feelings and life stories unlike other bloggers who exploitate their blog for money. There will be people who will become jealous of how beautiful and nice you are. Just ignore them. Don't ever give up and don't ever let them pull you down cause I'm here supporting you.

  2. Eeeeee...they are so mean! I think they are jealous lah.
    Keep up with your passion in writing babe!