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May 25, 2013

I apologise for the lack of updates recently because I've been busy with school :( I had so many things going on in my life that I didn't have time to sit down properly and blog. Besides, I somehow ran out of topics to blog about so... Here's a patronising blog post with some pictures I posted on my Instagram since I've started school :X

We finally caught up with each other after four long years of not meeting up. So glad that it wasn't awkward at all and we had so much fun laughing at the littlest things. Love my banana to bits ♡

Went for my school's Freshmen Bonding Camp and I met lots of crazy people, especially Louie and Rebecca. I promised Louie that I'll blog about them but I'm almost two months late :X Well, better late than never right ahahahhahaa. Okay, that was just a lousy excuse :(

Caught up with Vernon after about four months and cleared some of the misunderstandings we had.

Back to Greendale for the annual honours' day celebration. I spent four years of my secondary school life wanting to graduate but it just felt so good to be back; back to a familiar environment, catching up with my friends and talking to teachers who made an impact in my life. I miss secondary school life :(

Sports and Wellness attire. I'm telling you that Sports and Wellness sucks. I've never been a sports person an having strict coach who picks on me over the littlest things doesn't help. Whatever, I just hope that the module ends soon.

While we waiting for the sunlight to appear for our location production outdoor shoot.

A few photos for my digital photography class pre-tutorial mini photoshoot. By the way, photography really isn't as easy as it seems. Most of the photos I've taken are below average and it gets really demoralising after some time. Photography used to be something I enjoyed but it's more of a chore now. However, I won't give up that easily! Hopefully, I'll get better at this!

It was NP's 50th anniversary so we had a retro dress day whereby most of us came in retro clothing and this was my outfit of the day.

Photos with Jacinta, who went to change her outfit because she's a vainpot like that hahahahaha.

Ee Ter and me! This guy is sooooo sweet - the other day I was feeling down he sent me an unexpected text which cheered me up a lot.

My soulmate, Chelsea, and me! We have so many things in common that it's kinda scary O.O

Debbie, me and Chelsea!

Went to Astons with my clique after our outdoor photoshoot at the Botanic Gardens!

And here are some of the photos from my ourdoor shoot. Turns out, none of the above were good photos... BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP.

Had a three hour break because one of our tutorial was cancelled and this was what happened hahahaha.

Random pictures I found from when I was working at Metro Sengkang:
1. Me with my purple hair.
2. Christmas at Compass Point.
3. My Hello Kitty bag, Hello Kitty watch and my work uniform. I might just be the most juvenile working person ever.
4. Geneve and me looking awkward hahahahhahaha. (I'm actually just a bit taller than her but I was wearing super high heels that day hahaha)
5. Pastry that the chief cashier gave me.
6. My fingers being plastered up because I'm so clumsy. I think if I continued working there, I might chop off my hands someday.
7 & 8. present from YiHong on my birthday. :')
9. A peanad that I met at work (her name is Nadirah and I came up with the word peaNAD while thinking of a name for our whatsapp group with Yongchuan and that name stuck HAHAHAHA).

This about sums up my working experience at Metro. even though I complained every single day when I was there and met many two-faced people, I never regretted working there because of the amazing friends I made there ♡

My NP50 shirt in XS, which is way too big for me. Yup, short/small people's problems.

My new necklace that my mama got for me! ♡

Showing this jiaobin because I really hate the sun and filming under hot weather is such a torture.

Following the what puberty did to me hashtag trend. Apparently puberty didn't do much to me in terms of height wtf.

It amazes me how I can still find my things. Been wanting to clean my desk up but nah, ain't nobody got time for that!

Impromptu meet up/catch up in the middle of the night with Max/tinydeeks/titsnclits/kinkypony/henson/pope jr./lonely qt boy. He has so many nicknames that I can no longer keep up wtf.

Shopping with my bbygirl whom I haven't met since she stopped schooling! So glad that things are still the same between us ♡♡♡

Had a late dinner with Yongchuan and Nadirah two days ago and it has been over three months since the three of us last hung out together. So glad that we were able to meet up despite our busy schedule. ♡

My peaNAD who's a strong girl and I admire her for that. She has helped countless times and I'm thankful to her for that. Though we had a small misunderstanding, everything's fine now and I hope things stay this way. I can't wait for this peaNAD to be back from Malaysia because I have so many things I wanna tell her! ♡

My irritating dad, Poyo, who was sweet enough to fetch me from school that day. Even though he annoys the fuck out of me sometimes, I'm grateful for all the times he gave me advices, treated me to movies/food, bought me little things, and made me laugh when I'm feeling upset. ♡

That's all for now, do check back for more updates very soon!
By the way, if you are still reading my blog despite my infrequent updates, please know that I LOVE YOU A LOT and THANK YOU SO MUCH :') ♡♡♡

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