Goodbye lullaby.

May 11, 2013

I think the main reason I'm not crying tonight is because I tried. I gave everything I had in my power for something, someone, who meant so much to me, and that's okay.

You had a good girl who loved you despite your imperfections, and she was willing to go through hell and back by your side, yet you let her slip and let her go. She loved you even when you least deserved it, and you couldn't see that. You couldn't see that at all.

He didn't love me back. Or maybe he did, but he let his ego consume him. Our story has come to a standstill, and I'm back to square one.

I have loved in a love so great, with all my heart. It still humbles me, that's the best part.

I've got my head held high and a heart full of pride, I'm stronger today than I ever was before.

Goodnight, goodbye.

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