May 07, 2013

People always ask me why do I like returning to my secondary school that much when I couldn't wait to get out just a year ago. My answer is this: I feel indebted to the school. I am where I am today because of the school; because of the great and patient teachers who never stopped giving their best, because of the amazing friends I made there who were willing to sacrifice their sleep during the holidays just to make sure I have a portfolio ready for the interview to my dream course.

If not for my Maths teacher, I wouldn't bother to work hard, try to prove her wrong, and pass Maths in the end. If not for my Chinese teacher, I would have never gotten a B3. My English teachers were the ones who cultivated my love for writing; without them, I probably would have abandoned my blog long ago. My Science teachers who never gave up on me even though my Science was beyond horrendous. There were just too many teachers that made a positive impact in my life and I am eternally grateful.

From a young age, my mom has always taught me to 饮水思源 (literally: when you're drinking water, remember the source) and that is why I never hesitate to give study tips whenever somebody asks me (even though I may not be very good at it) or encourage my juniors. To me, it's like giving back to the school what the school gave me. And I want to keep doing that.

On a side note, here's a vlog I made after I received numerous questions about did I mug for O Level and how to score well for Maths/English. It's my first time doing a vlog and it turned out to be too long-winded but oh well, I tried my best. I might do another vlog if the response is good and if I have the time. Anyway, I won't say that I'm the best person to answer these question but I am really honoured that you guys are asking me these questions :') Love y'all!

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