Proud of Justin.

May 28, 2013

I am a Belieber and I've been a proud one since 2010. I've been asked on my what makes me a BIG fan of Justin and my answer was this (link). I can't say that being a Belieber is easy because I'm always gonna get hate for it. More often than not, I get insulted for supporting Justin and honestly, the insults are getting pretty lame. Beliebers are immature 13-year-olds? This insult has been used over and over again from 2009-2013. Do you think Beliebers are Peter Pan(s) and we don't ever grow up? Justin Bieber is gay? You're hating on him just because he got famous before his voice broke? Wow, you gotta be more matured than those 13-year-old Beliebers. Besides, maybe you should check on the meaning of gay before you use the word loosely.

You don't have to agree with my opinion, but the very least you could do is to RESPECT him and RESPECT other people's opinion of him. You don't have to like his music but we all know that this boy is talented. You can't fucking deny that. As of May 2013, Justin has been nominated for 162 awards and have won 85. In 2012, Forbes magazine named him as the third-most powerful celebrity in the world. He is also only artist to have notched five No. 1 albums before turning 19 years old. These are just some of the many achievements Justin has and yet, people are calling him an untalented fag. I don't usually give a shit as to what others say but what happened during the Billboards Award 2013 really set me off.

Along with Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber was nominated for the Billboard Milestone Award and the first-ever winner for this award is Justin. But he was greeted by a chorus of boos before he could even make his speech. That was just extremely rude and uncalled for. Justin has worked his fucking ass off and we can all see that. He won the award fair and square. I can't say that I agree with every decision Justin made (going back to Selena certainly isn't one that I agree with) but I will ALWAYS support him, no matter what happens. Justin isn't perfect - nobody is, but HE DESERVES RESPECT FOR HIS MUSIC ABILITIES AND FOR WORKING HARD.
He doesn't even look happy that he has won the award. Just look at those eyes. They are saying that he's tired, tired of all the hate he's getting. What did he do to deserve all these? That's a question I will never be able to answer. I will never understand the amount of hate he gets. Sure, Justin can be conceited and cocky and he screws up sometimes, but he is also incredibly generous and kind. You have to be a Belieber to understand. The microscope he's under is massive and EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING he does is critisized by both haters and some Beliebers.

This needs to stop before he reaches his breaking point because we have no idea what will happen when he reaches it and I hate to think of it. I worry for him and his music. He saved me and I think now it is the time for us to save him.

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