Tamsui Old Street and Shilin Night Market | Taipei Solo Travel 2017

February 19, 2017

After a dramatic day, I decided I wanted to relax against the calming backdrop of Tamsui Old Street, famous for its sunset at Fisherman's Wharf... Only to be greeted by darkness when I step out of Tamsui MRT station because I didn't know skies get dark quickly during winter! It was only 5pm but it felt like Singapore's 8pm so yeah, no sunset for me. I frolicked around Tamsui because I'm already there anyway, so why not?

Strolled along Tamsui aimlessly without the help of Google Maps since I didn't have anywhere in mind and I was in no rush. My wandering eventually led me to Tamsui Old Street.

Tamsui Old Street

Zhongzheng Rd, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251

Nearest MRT
Tamsui station, Exit 1     

Opening Hours
9am to 10pm daily

Got myself a serving of Big Sausage Wrap Small Sausage, which was basically Taiwanese sausage wrapped in sticky rice sausage, then grilled to piping hot perfection — apparently a must-try of Taipei night markets. I'm not a fan of rice so this street snack was quite meh for me, but I guess most Singaporeans love it since I always see food bloggers raving about the Big Sausage Wrap Small Sausage.

Wild Jesus appears at Tamsui

Trees decorated with fairy lights lined the entire Tamsui Night Market, making the area perfect for a couple photoshoot

Another must-try Taiwan street snack, deep-fried milk.

I'm a huge fan of two things: fried food and milk, so Deep Fried Milk street snack was god-sent for me! However, I was slightly disappointed to find that the milk taste wasn't strong. Maybe another stall's Deep Fried Milk would taste better — have to return to Taipei for to try this street snack again. Still, the steaming hot snack was perfect against the occasional breeze that brushed against my face during Taipei's winter.

My travel was 1-2 weeks little after Christmas, explaining the numerous Christmas decorations.

Shilin Night Market

Lane 101, Wenlin Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Nearest MRT
Jiantan station, Exit 1     

Opening Hours
6pm to 12am daily

My feet started throbbing from the constant pain because I stupidly wore heels to Taipei, when I knew I was going to be walking a lot. Had no choice but to stop by Jiantan Station, where Shilin Night Market is located, on my way back so I could get myself a comfortable pair of shoes for the rest of my travels.

Popped by by a 24/7 McDonald's located near Orange Hotel (Guanqian Taipei) for a cup of milk tea because milk tea is my first love and they don't serve milk tea in Singapore's McDoanld's.

The only time I drink hot beverages is when I'm overseas

Was extremely worn out by then but didn't want my night to end so I camped out at McDonald's for a short while before returning to my hotel past midnight. I love that Taipei is almost as safe as Singapore, and I never felt danger walking the streets or returning to my accommodation even at ungodly hours like 3am.


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