I met a cheater

October 19, 2014

Who's up for some weekend drama?

So I started socialising a little more because I decided i need to at least try to stop being so introverted since my internship is starting soon and I'll need to mix around then anyway.

My first attempt already didn't go so well.

I attended an event with one poly friend, my secondary school friend (I'll call him Crunch for easy remembrance but that's obviously not his real name), Crunch's sister and two of his friends who asked to come along at the very last minute.

Now, I usually wouldn't agree to people coming at the last minute because I really hate socialising and I need to mentally prepare myself a lot. But I thought, "aiyah since the whole idea of even going to the event is to socialise what so anything lor ~"

It went a lot better than expected, thankfully. It also helped that they were generally nice and I was comfortable with my poly friend and Crunch.

So anyway, the drama starts here. At the end of the night, Crunch added me to a whatsapp group to sent photos to us.

Crunch and the other friend left promptly after. Then this N guy (whom I'll call Leroy) said bye to me so I quickly left the group before he did because I didn't want to be the only awkward one left in the group wtf.

Leroy texted me after I left the group and I thought nothing much of it lah because I don't think it's out of the norm right? Plus he was quite a gentleman the whole night, helped carry things and he even took good care of Crunch's younger sister so I had a good impression of him.

We talked for a while, like y'know those basic awkward small talks and I tried lightening the mood with "HAHA" because I'm awkward like that.

Then I told him I have to bathe and sleep soon because I have a job interview the next day (it was successful by the way YAY)

(censored where I live because this is the internet after all)

At this point I was just like,

Is he hitting on me??

I let it go because I thought he was just being cheeky lah and I can be flirty sometimes too, but I just ignored that part and continued the conversation. So we continued talking and I said I'm going to bed soon (or something like that. I don't have the conversation anymore because my phone ran out of memory and I had to clear all conversations.)

(part 1)

(censored away the days I'm planning to work as well because I don't like mixing work with personal life )

I thought the human alarm part was a little weird but yeah, brushed it away again.

(part 2)

Seems pretty normal, right? So yeah, I continued talking to him since he seemed like a nice enough guy and I don't mind having one more friend anyway.

Then I was like, "ok he's definitely hitting on me wtf."

Anyway, so he did create an Instagram account and followed me. I thought it was weird that his instagram was "XYZ" (just an example) while his initials according to whatsapp was "NMO" (he didn't use Leroy in it) but I didn't think much about it lah because I thought it was some nickname.

Another thing is that Leroy's profile picture is of a baby so I asked if that's his baby since he's 20 and I have friends pregnant at 17 and it isn't that uncommon to me.

But he told me that's his sister's baby and he's too young to have one himself. I replied something along the lines of "aiyah quite normal this generation I guess."

Then he said something like, "yeah lor I must be damn rare because I am 20 and still a virgin." And we left it at that and I think I went to bed shortly after.

Ok he was obviously interested and yeah I gotta admit that it stroked my ego too but I treated him as another friend that I'd talk to when I have nothing to do.

Anyway, that day, I rushed out of my house to my job interview, got the job, did a victory dance, then went home. On my way home, Leroy's friend who was also there with us tagged me in an Instagram photo of the group of us together. One instagram account was tagged in it and it's "OngLeroy"

This part gets really confusing.

Leroy's full name, as I knew it, was LEROY NMO because his Whatsapp name is literally just "NMO," presumely with N being his surname and MO being his Chinese name because that's how Chinese names work, right?

Initially I thought his friend just tagged a wrong account because Leroy's real name is really common so I let it slide. Plus that guy removed the tag like five minutes later or something. Of course, being the stalker that I am, I already saw it and I tried to stalk OngLeroy as well to expand my database wtf. Yes, I am like human Google.

Imagine my shock when OngLeroy's Instagram display picture turned out looking similar the Leroy I met. PLUS HIS DP WAS A PHOTO TAKEN WITH A GIRL. But OngLeroy's instagram was on private so I couldn't stalk anymore.

Then I went to ask Crunch what's Leroy's surname and he said he thinks it's Ng. Then why OngLeroy? I was really confused by then and kinda suspected that he lied to me but I just went to sleep lah because he's not worth losing sleep over LOL.
Woke up today determined to figure out the mystery. So I went ahead and asked about the XYZ on his Instagram and the NMO on his Whatsapp. Turns out it's a different variation of his Chinese name.

He then volunteered his Chinese name, which is Ng Mu Ong (it's a fake name that's why it sounds so retarded hahahahha).

Then I was like,
“Fuck OngLeroy confirm is him already lah because he has an Ong in his name what!!!”

After intense googling, I found ONE photo of him. Fuck, this Leroy guy fucking good at covering up his tracks, I tell you!!! I'm really a huge stalker and can easily find old blogs/photos/really private information but I only found ONE photo of Leroy at........

The fourth page of Google.

Not even kidding. You know how people say if it doesn't exist at the first page, it doesn't exist right? But I managed to dig out that ONE photo of him.

It was a photo his friends posted of them at his baby shower with his WIFE WTF. But it didn't look much like him so I sent that photo to my friends and we analysed like mad.

Then I finally found it.

left: baby shower photo
right: photo taken with me at the event

It's the same pair of shorts. With the same cutting (baggy at bottom) and even the same creases!!!

My friends told me to go confront him with this photo but I took it upon me to be a stalker and find even more photos. I scrolled till page 10 of Google with different variations of his name but found nothing. Not even when I searched OngLeroy.

But one of my friends suggested stalking his friends instead so I did!
Boy, did I find out more!!!

Like I mentioned, Leroy is fucking good at covering his tracks. I only managed to find his FB account(s) when I searched his friend's friend list with the word Ong. He has two account apparently. One named Ong LNMO and another named Ong NMO.

Ong LNMO is the one I think he would give me if I asked for his Fb initially because that account seem rather dead.

Now, Ong NMO is the one with pictures of his wife and baby!!! I say wife because there's WEDDING PHOTOS what the fuck. His relationship status is married to that girl/woman too, and that girl/woman is the same on in OngLeroy's Instagram photo.

STILL A VIRGIN MY ASS. Like that then I must be extra virgin already lor?! *inserts extra virgin oil photo wtf*
I don't think I'm the first girl he lied to and I'm certainly not the last either. He's probably just unlucky that he tried to flirt with such a huge stalker but seriously wtf man. They just got married last year and here he is, fooling around already. I've heard cases of attached guys saying they are single but married guys? Holy fuck, this is the first time.

So anyway, moral of this story is

(Sorry I just had to insert a Frozen reference)

I don't know how devastated would I be if I find out that my husband is lying to me this way lor. I really want to confront Leroy or warn his wife but I guess I should stay out of it since it's a family problem after all and who am I to have a say in this right?

My mind's a little messed up now but I think I'll just leave it this way. I know blogging about this isn't the smartest decision but I guess I have censored enough to not make it obvious. Plus Leroy and me has no mutual friends other than Crunch (although Crunch said Leroy is just a colleague and not really a friend) so this post probably won't ruin his family more than his actions will.

I hope I made the right decision and I'd love to hear what you guys think about it.

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