I cared

October 30, 2014

It still bothers me to this date because the change was so sudden and we never talked about it. I've always been one to speak my thoughts but when it comes to you... I kept my mouth shut. I cared too much about what you thought or felt. I cared too much and told myself to be happy with what I had. I cared too much and didn't want to bring things up lest you get upset.

The past year was filled with me trying and trying and trying over and over again silently. But the result is always the same. I'm never your priority. You can even say that I'm bitter and petty bringing this up again because I am. I haven't gotten over it, and I don't think I ever will. I don't know what have I done wrong for you to treat me this way because I've done everything that I can to keep this up.

Do you know how I feel? I feel like I've beem betrayed. That I put you so high up on my list but to you, I'm just somebody else. That your priorities wasn't set right and I was neglected because of that. That you never bothered to try and amend your mistakes. That you just let this be, let this slide. That I was just another person in your life that you can easily leave.

Everyone said it's no longer worth it - even my mom who has always adored you. I guess sometimes mothers do know best but I really wanted things to work out. Right now, I can clearly see things aren't going the way I wished but I really wish there's a closure for me.

A reason you acted this way so that I can finally move on.

A way for me to say goodbye and close this chapter of my life.

Just one final goodbye.

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