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October 22, 2014

If you ever used GrabTaxi or other taxi apps in Singapore, you would know how frustrating it is, especially during the peak hour. Not only that, on top of the forever rising cab fares, you still have to pay for the on-call fee. (This is NOT an ad)

  What a serious pain in the ass.

But you don't have to worry about that now that Uber has hit the shores of our sunny island!!! Again, I have to emphasize that I'm not paid by Uber to write this but I'm sharing it with all of you because I genuinely love their service!

First things first, who doesn't like COUPONS right? 

When you first sign up with Uber under this link, you get a FREE $10 voucher along with your first ride. Yes, completely free! No catch or terms and conditions whatsoever. However, do note that the $10 voucher only works when you sign up with that link. The link is https://get.uber.com/invite/bmnuj - in case the hyperlink doesn't work for any reason.

Secondly, because Uber knows how much Singaporean loves free stuff, they are organizing a SECOND FREE TAXI DAY.

I say second because they had their first free taxi day in Singapore on 8 October 2014 and I was proud to say that I was part of it like the true Singaporean that I am :P

Basically, all you have to do is register under this link, request for an Uber Taxi when you need one, and viola!!! Free taxi ride for you woohoo! But because I know a lot of you are still really confused about how it works, I'll do a mini tutorial on my blog!

After filling in your particulars, you'll be logged in to Uber where you can choose UberX, UberTaxi or UberExec.

Don't worry about filling in the information of your credit card because I've tried and tested it before sharing this awesome app with you guys and it's 100% safe ;)

As for the difference between the three options, my opinions are as such:

UberX - this is a private car (like the ones your dad would drive). This is slightly more expensive than the taxi option but definitely a lot more comfortable!

UberTaxi - just your normal taxis that you see on the road. It's just that these taxi drivers uses the app. This is also the cheapest option - it uses your regular taxi fare but with an additional 25% off.

UberExec - I haven't taken a ride on this but I supposed it's like UberX, but more luxurious. This is the most expensive option.

The free taxi ride would only apply for UberTaxi so make sure you picked the right choice!!! As you can see, all I have to do now is to set pick up location and the nearby cab will come over and pick me up!

So anyway, Uber will be expecting a huge response for free taxi day so you may have to refresh the app a few times but come on, a free ride?! It'll be totally worth it!!! (More about the free taxi day below)

Once you've successfully secured your taxi, you are able to track where is your ride and when will it arrive. I think this is great because sometimes I'm in a rush and I just want to know where my ride is!

You are able to have a preview of how your driver looks like so that you can recognise him/her. Also, the car model and plate number will be given to you for easy identification. Lastly, as you can tell, there is a rating beside the driver's name which I presume is an incentive for drivers to not be reckless / take you on a tour around Singapore because nobody would take your ride if you are rated 1.3 stars.

If you're still afraid that your driver can't find you, there is an option for you to call / message the driver, which is really convinient because I'll always text them to tell them my exact location (e.g. bus stop in front of ____).

Once you get on your ride, you can enter your destination so that the app will calculate the fastest route for you and tell you approximately what time will you arrive. Especially great for those who always oversleep and say "five minutes!!!" because at least now you can give your friends the exact time you'd arrive :P

You'll also see real time update of where you are at already so it's pretty cool!

At the end of your ride, all you have to do is alight. Yes, no fumbling around your bag for your wallet anymore! The taxi driver will use the app to indicate that your trip has ended and you'll be shown the total (in my case it was $0 because of free taxi day hehe).

This is also where you can rate the drivers. In my case, I've taken Uber four times before. Twice when it was free and twice with my own money. All four times, I rated five days :O Yes, this is coming from me, the complain queen!!!

I used to work in the service/retail industry so even minor things can piss me off. I absolutely can't stand horrid drivers and I cannot emphasize on just how many times I've been taken on a tour around Singapore just because I look gullible UGH.

Just the other day, I couldn't get a taxi with Uber so I did the old fashion flagging way because I was really in a rush. MAN, DID I REGRET. The taxi driver was so reckless with his driving I almost thought it was my last ride wtf. Not to mention, I was so afraid that he would bring me on a joy ride T_T

On the other hand, I never had a bad experience with Uber before.


But that isn't necessary because free taxi day is on 23 October 2014. 

More about the free taxi day:
  • Two (2) free uberTAXI trips per rider, each ride free up to $35
  • Any amount above $35 per ride will be charged to your Uber account
  • Only valid for rides taken on Thursday, October 23, 2014 (00.00AM – 23.59PM)
  • Free ride offer not valid for rides with uberX or UberExec
  • No promo code required
  • If you cancel, a $2 fee applies – nobody likes being cancelled on
(source: Uber blog)

This is literally it - no hidden terms and conditions or anything similar to that.

Also, on a normal day, Uber taxis uses the normal taxi surcharge but with an extra 25% off ;)

Sign up with Uber today and get an additional $10 ON TOP OF your free taxi rides tomorrow!

Link to redeem your $10: https://get.uber.com/invite/bmnuj 
** $10 only redeemable if you used this link!!!

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