Ten years since

October 01, 2014

When I first started blogging, it was more of a sharing my life with people around me thing. I was only 8 when I wrote my first post and back then I couldn't even spell dare properly. Then I stopped for some reason and at 11, I started writing again.

I remember it was when Hotmail rolled out a new feature called Windows Live Space so I decided to give it a try. My theme was purple and my username was freedom89757 wtf. I had no idea why freedom but 89757 was from a JJ Lin song and I used to like him a lot (mainly because a popular girl in my class liked him WTF more about that next time).

I wrote mainly about friendship issues and my daily life. I think reading my old posts would be both hilarious and embarrassing but I unfortunately got hacked by a girl I trusted too much and never got my old posts back. This is why the posts from my blog begins from November 2007 (which was when I was 11).

I think blogging brought me a lot of benefits. Like the above incident. I learned to not be so trusting and some people are fuckers no matter how hard you try to be nice to them.

At 12, I got into trouble with the school for blogging. I was, apparently, not allowed to talk shit about people and the school online because that's defamation. That's also bullshit because I spoke of nothing but the truth. As I said, I was merely blogging about my daily life and not even writing opinion pieces like I sometimes do now.

I was also not allowed to post photos of my friends and I having fun (e.g. playing at the playground) because it "damages the school's reputation." Well if the school's reputation gets damages so easily then maybe it doesn't have any to begin with? Hmmmm.

Just a disclaimer: I still think my primary school is a great one and if I stay near Punggol in the future, I would definitely send my kids there - I just didn't agreed with how they handled the matter and how they only saw things from one perspective. Other than that, it was a wonderful school and the principal was so willing to help even 5 years after my graduation when I went back for an interview for a poly assignment!

So anyway, at 13, I got into trouble with the school over my posts yet again. It was during times like these that I really wanted to give up blogging. At that time, I wasn't earning money from blogging so I was basically only writing because I wanted to share my life with my family and friends. Which is pretty ironic considering I don't write much 'Pekyj Daily' posts anymore.

Along the way, I gathered more readers and started having friends of friends and their friends reading my blog. I can't even say I know why people liked reading my blog because I typed like an ahlian back then but somewhere around this time, I decided to use my blog as a writing platform since the compositions I had to write in school didn't allow me to express myself enough.

Then I started receiving compliments on my writings and it made me feel sooooo good. I hardly feel good about myself but if there's one thing I'm confident of, it is my writings. It made me so happy knowing that people enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing :)) Not only that, I started earning via blogging so I was essentially being paid for doing what I'd totally do for free!

But I got busy with school and eventually stopped writing. I also only blogged around twice in a month so I lost a lot of the first batch of readers I had. I don't blame them either because most of my blog posts were half-assed and I barely spend an hour on them.

But some time ago in mid 2013, I broke up with an ex-boyfriend and started writing again. I merely wanted to pen down my sorrows but somehow, I began picking up where I left off. My first few writings then were slightly awkward but I started getting the hang of it again.

Even then, I never gained back the readers I lost and I only had a handful of readers. I was virtually talking to myself and maybe some of my friends who were trying to catch up on my life. At this point, I was earning next to nothing from my blog but my love for writing was rekindled. Since I wasn't earning, blogging was no longer a chore and it became something I looked forward to.

I remembered why did I love writing in the first place. I love being able to voice things out. Most of all, I love how in poly, especially in my school (school of film and media studies), we are encouraged to be creative. I no longer have to censor my posts, I could write whatever I wish as long as I take responsibility for my words.

Man, do I love the freedom of speech! This freedom given to me rekindled my love for writing and I started writing more. I formed my own opinion and developed my own identity. I no longer had to conform to what my primary/secondary schools think is acceptable. Of course, along the way, I also learned that not spouting nonsense and doing enough research before publishing a post helps. A lot.

Slowly, I gained readership again but I never took notice of it because I have already stopped obsessing over my daily stats. Then recently, a friend of mine told me a lot of people he knows read my blog. Another friend told me he loved my writing. And I started receiving a lot more questions on a daily basis on my askfm.

Then I checked my stats for the first time in months and I went, "HOLY SHIT, I'm no longer just talking to myself!!!" I'm not going to reveal the digits but I love how I have an audience now and that I keep getting praises for my writing. Come on now, everybody loves to be praised, no? 

But yes, I am human, and I make mistakes sometimes. I am still learning and I seek your forgiveness if you ever felt personally victimised by my blog posts wtf. It sounds so dramatic but I know words can kill and I can be quite careless with my words sometimes. I am thankful for what I have now and I will try my best be responsible for what I'm posting.

I am deeply humbled if you are here today because you like my writings or my occasional useless rants. Whoever you are, however you stumbled upon my blog, thank you for being here. Thank you for being nice to me and defending me on my askfm even though you really don't have a need to do that.

Happy 10th anniversary to my blog!

I will try my best to keep you coming back for more (wink wink hahahhahaha) and continue to be entertaining. Uhhh, I initially wanted to insert a clown image here but all the images I found on Google are creepy as fuck and now I'm afraid to sleep wtf kill me. No, not the killer clown. Hahahahahha.....hahaha....ha....ha......ha.......

Here's to another ten years of bad humour!!!

And to people leaving mean comments on my askfm,

But really, your hate isn't going to get to me. If anything, it motivates me to become a better person than YOU. So thank you too, for helping me become a better person. ;)

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