October 08, 2014

I've been feeling the need to write lately but there's not much happening in my life, which is good because it means no drama but it also means I have nothing to rant about. Anyway, I was sieving through my drafts for some ideas when I found this fully written post I wanted to share but for some reason didn't. Sharing this now because I think this is just so relevant to most relationship these days.


It's 2am now and I can't sleep because I have way too many thoughts running through my head so I'm just gonna try and pen things down. Gonna be a really quick post because I only have 14% left on my laptop.

This makes me so sad because I know just how true this is. The problem with most relationships is that at a point, both parties stop putting in their 100%. How can a relationship work with only one person putting in the 100%? The same way a relationship cannot work with both parties putting in only their 50%.

You stop putting in the effort just because your partner is already yours. Things get too peaceful, you start taking each other for granted. Why do we do this? Why do we stop chasing? It's so painful to look back one day and realise how everything has changed, how every of your fears at the beginning came true, how real those phobias were.

I always told myself to never stop chasing my partner, even if he is already mine because there's every chance that someone will come along and chase him instead. And so, I tried. I never stopped; I kept doing the things I did to get him. But at a point, it just feels like it isn't working out anymore.

It doesn't feel the same. I'm not looking for the feelings we had when we were dating - I am simply looking for a sense of appreciation, a hint that you are still trying.

Ask yourself this, and answer yourself honestly. Do you still treat your significant other the same way you did when you were chasing him/her?

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  1. depends i guess?
    if the bf concerns too much, the gf might feel no personal space?

    1. I guess what I'm trying to bring across is that people shouldn't change just because they have already gotten someone. Like if you cared this much while you were dating, you should still shower your care in the same amount even after you're in a relationship. :-)

  2. How would you handle this situation? Maybe you can share with us your view in your next post :-P

    1. sigh unfortunately I don't have a solution for this :-( I've been in relationships whereby I tried so hard to maintain things but the other party doesn't give a shit so I really can't do anything about it :( unless I talk to him. but he usually doesn't see things from my point of view anyway :/